Business in the Entertainment Industry

Mention the ‘Entertainment Industry’ to most people and they will conjure up images of clowns, stilt walkers and fire breathers. It is usually the term which is frowned upon when someone exclaims that their son or daughter is going to university to study Theatre. In my experience, it’s something that most brush off as a ‘phase’ or a career which has a deadline, that is not guaranteed to make fortunes or success.

This is something which I’d like to challenge. From my earliest experience I have loved performing, staring in all of my school productions and going on to study Theatre & Performance at the University of Leeds. After this I began entertaining on cruise ships performing in 11 shows developing myself into a versatile performer. I had an amazing time socialising and building my experience further so when I returned off the ships I knew that I would continue performing.



I have always wanted to set up something on my own and I begun working with children, creating well loved characters incorporating singing and acting into these parties and events. When I realised I could build this into a business model I used my experience of business and my parents’ support and knowledge of running their own business and began to build a company.

Building Pop Up Entertainment into the company it is today is an example of how those wanting to combine business knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit with their love of performance can do so. I am still able to invest in my passion and by thinking outside of the box, young performers can think of creative ways to indulge their love of the arts without being branded as a ‘failing actor’. I would encourage all who are dabbling with the idea of a career in arts and performance to go out and land those dream roles, without this being the be all and end all. Take risks and enjoy the excitement of the entertainment industry but above all, think about business potential and how you can maximise on your talents.